Explosives Detection K9 Team: Basic Class

Training for canine explosive teams is a highly specialized endeavor that requires some of the highest standards and handler dedication of any form of canine training. Unlike others this is not a modified drug detection class taught by drug detection trainers. This is a specialized class offering comprehensive hands on training and practical skills designed to prepare EDD teams for today’s current threat atmosphere. Teams will be enabled with the strong foundation needed to deploy in the field.


Combination classroom and field training includes:

  • Understanding the terrorist assault structure
  • Effective application of the EDC as a counter terrorist tool
  • Lessons learned from the Middle East
  • Explosives; familiarity and safe handling procedures
  • Knowledge of basic IED and booby trap concept and design
  • Threat assessment; comprehending the totality of the picture, credible versus non-credible, packages, etc.
  • Understanding and applying operant conditioning methodology
  • Training the K9 to develop a conditioned response to target odors on the Herstik Wall.
  • The stare at source “Focused” indication: A handler independent alert.
  • Explosives odor recognition, development of generalization capabilities; recognizing the correct target signature in a compound
  • Construction of training aids
  • Scene evaluation and deployment procedures
  • Efficient search procedures, prioritizing, safety considerations
  • Search patterns; vehicles, buildings, open air, etc.
  • Maintenance/enhancement procedures


Course length: 7 weeks        Cost: $6200.00

Training on the Herstik Wall

There’s an IED behind that door!

TATP training