About Us

“Experienced trainer of the worlds best K9 Law Enforcement and Special Ops Military units…”

Police K9 Magazine July/August 2009 edition

Our background includes providing trained dogs and/or training for Oketz K9 unit, Israel National and Border Police, LAPD Bomb Squad and U.S. Navy Seals.

Whether you have a large-scale project calling for the production and deployment of hundreds of K9 detection teams, or you only need a single specialized team, we are able to provide the finest in training and services available. We are a mission-first entity committed to providing cutting-edge methodology that extends beyond the realm of convention.

  • Conventional Directed Off-Leash (stand off), Post Blast 2nd and 3rd device Detection, and Homicide Bomber Mitigation
  • Innovative and complete training with on-site capabilities.
  • Proudly responsible for introducing groundbreaking concepts and protocols that have been adapted and are currently being utilized by law enforcement and military worldwide.
  • Federal, State and locally certified and licensed to receive, store and transport explosive materials.


Member of the following organizations:

  • Infragard
  • IABTI; International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators
  • ISEE; International Society of Explosives Engineers
  • Editorial Advisory Staff of Police K9 Magazine


Detailed credentials and references provided on request to qualified entities and individuals.

Professional certificates and commendations earned and received

…has greatly enhanced the security effort and significantly contributed to our fight against terrorism…

Formal commendation from the State of Israel presented by the Israeli consulate

In recognition for dedicated service…for the benefit of all the citizens of Los Angeles County…

Formal commendation from Los Angeles County presented by County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich

Presented with certificates and formal tokens of appreciation for professional services from Lt. Colonel Arik Elazar, commander Oketz Special Forces (canine) Unit, Israeli Defense Forces

2005 IABTI International Conference, Advanced IED’s and Terrorist Trends, training certified.

California P O S T certified canine team evaluator

Principles of Threat Assessment; certified, Michael Corcoran PhD., (retired Secret Service) and Dana Picore PhD., (retired LAPD).

Bombs and Booby Traps, certified, LASD Bomb Squad

California State Dept. of Justice; C.O.E., (Certificate of Eligibility)

Excerpts & Quotes

International Projects

Speaking at the International Detector Dog Congress, Barcelona, Spain

Training with the late Superintendent Jacques Lougasi in Israel

EDD working Bullet train in Tokyo, Trained by International K-9

Federal Licenses:

ATF, High Explosives permit type 33

Maintain ATF certified high explosive magazine

ATF, certificate of clearance to receive, store and transport high explosives

County Licenses:

Los Angeles County Explosives permit


International Association Bomb Technicians and Investigators

International Society of Explosive Engineers