Leroy Azlin

If communication between dogs and humans is 80% non verbal then come listen as Leroy Azlin fills in all the gaps of misinterpretation between you and your dog. Come hear Leroy explain how improving your communication skills will lead to better results from your training. Leroy Azlin maps out the drives that are naturally inherit in the K-9 world and how your understanding of them can completely revolutionize your current training curriculum. Leroy gives you the secrets to better communication and understanding of K-9 drives.

Jeff Barrett

With over twenty years of Police K-9 experience, Jeff has tracked down every type of fugitive imaginable and in every conceivable environment. Massive Multi-agency manhunts are becoming a familiar theme across America. Tracking down and dealing with fugitives that are known “Killers” is by far the most dangerous thing you’ll ever do in your career. You’d better have a plan long before you ever take that first step into the woods. Are you really ready? Are the officers that you are going to take with you fully prepared for the mission? Listen as Jeff delivers an insightful debrief on the tragic killing of Deputy Sheriff Matt Williams and his K-9 DiOGi. The second portion of Jeff’s presentation follows up with High Risk Ops for Tactical Tracking in a rural environment.

Tracy Bowling

Providing K-9 training services to all levels of law enforcement for over 25 years, Tracy Bowling brings us the missing piece of the puzzle for exceptional police tracking dogs. If your police dog needs to be better at tracking, you won’t want to miss out on Tracy Bowling’s tracking class at our seminar. Tracy Bowling’s techniques are proven effective and we’re confident you’ll take something valuable from his program that’ll enhance your skills and those of your K-9 in tracking.

Randy Hare

Over the past 27 years Randy Hare has developed a training system for drug and bomb detector dogs that’s as interesting in concept as it is effective in deployment. Randy’s training techniques and methods focus the dog’s attention on stimulus target odor and away from all other distracting odors. His success in training drug and bomb detector dogs is gaining popularity across the country. Randy Hare brings his knowledge and techniques of detector dog training to HITS 2008 for everyone who is looking for the next generation in advanced training.

Dr. Cheszar

“The nose knows” Have you ever wondered what the nose of the dog is telling him or the depth to which he can detect his objective? Dr. Cheszar is an expert on how the dog’s nose really works. Understanding the inner workings of such an incredible mechanism will no doubt offer you alternatives in finding solutions to your training problems when it comes to scent detection of any kind.

Ted Daus

Nationally recognized for prosecuting drug trafficking cases, Ted Daus tells it like it is. What a perfect opportunity for K-9 handlers to learn straight from the prosecutor what he needs to hear from you on the stand when presenting your drug cases to the jury. Good courtroom testimony from the K-9 handler is absolutely critical for successful prosecution of drug cases. Sharpen your skills on the stand with the man, Ted Daus! You’ll also get updates on the latest narcotics case laws and they will affect your K-9 deployment efforts.

Kevin T. Fitzgerald, DVM, PhD

From the funny bone to the battlefield, Dr. Fitzgerald will cover the top 10 most common injuries that police dogs encounter during their working life on the battlefields of home. Dr. Fitzgerald delivers this valuable information in a humorous standup comedy like routine that keeps your attention on every aspect of what’s important and let’s you laugh while you learn. Dr. Fitzgerald has been a featured Veterinarian with weekly radio and television shows in the Denver area and Animal Planet, Emergency Vets. Come listen and laugh as Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald covers some serious stuff about your police dog’s health through the spirited and lighter side of life.

Terry Fleck

Think a class on case law sounds boring? Not with Terry Fleck behind the wheel. Terry Fleck navigates his way through the latest courtroom decision about police dogs and takes us along for the wild and sometimes crazy ride. Terry Fleck’s abilities as a communicator will keep you on the edge of your seat as he opens everyone’s eyes to what’s been happening in the courtroom and what the future looks like for police K-9 teams across America. Terry Fleck goes beyond the decisions of the courtrooms and explains how and why each of us are responsible for keeping the wolves at bay with solid training and good decision making during K-9 deployments.

Doctor Kenneth Furton

Doctor Kenneth Furton is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences and was the founding Director and currently Co-Director of the International Forensic Research Institute at Florida International University (FIU). Dr. Furton’s presentation at the HITS seminar will explain away the myths of cocaine contaminated U.S. currency. Ever wondered what scent your tracking or trailing dog was actually following? Dr. Furton will explain his scientific research into the workings of tracking or scent trailing dogs. This will be an informative and intriguing look into the scientific exploration that is ongoing into the understanding of the dog’s abilities. Imagine how this information will benefit the training of our police dogs.

Mike Herstik

Is your bomb dog finding everything that he should be in modern explosive materials? Explosives expert Mike Herstik brings us all the latest news and trends on the ever evolving world of high end explosives and training techniques. Explosive detection dog handlers can’t afford to miss a hide and can’t risk being uneducated about the chemicals being used in today’s I.E.D.’s. Keep your Bomb dog sharp with Mike Herstik’s lecture at the HITS conference.

Sheriff Mike Lewis

Retired Sergeant for the Maryland State Police Mike is a Master Instructor through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Mike has been directly responsible for the training and educating of all MSP personnel in the Criminal Interdiction Venue. He pioneered the Drug Interdiction Program along MD's notorious U.S. Rte. 13 corridor coordinating many multi-jurisdictional investigations following the seizures of large amounts of illegal contraband. During Mike's twenty years as a MD State Trooper, he has made many nationally recognized seizures of Crack Cocaine along MD's East Coast. Mike has trained tens of thousands of law enforcement officers extensively throughout the US and Canada as well as other parts of the world to include: Australia, England, Germany, Russia and the West Indies. Mike has been judicially recognized by the Federal and State courts as an expert in the areas of highway interdiction, hidden compartments and drug valuation. You won’t want miss the riveting presentation of Sheriff Mike Lewis about Interdiction and the important role K-9 plays in the war on drugs.

Rob Lukason-United States Border Patrol

“Hidden in Plain View”. Rob Lukason explains in depth the art of hidden compartments and just how intricate and creative smugglers have become in securing their cargo. After attending this class you won’t look at a vehicle the same ever again. From the most simple to the most complex, Rob Lukason shows and tells all the latest secrets in the smugglers world of hidden compartments. Find out just how much you’ve been missing in your search for all that’s been “hidden in plain view”.

SGT. Doug Roller, LAPD- Chief Trainer

There’s no other K-9 training tool that is more misunderstood than the power collar. Their use can evoke an array of opinions as to the quality of the results they produce. Understanding how dog’s learn and how the power collar benefits and promotes effective dog training is still a mystery to many police officers. Sgt. Roller brings a clearer picture of proper training methods that you can use to improve your dog’s performance through a better understanding of the power collar. This class is 100% dedicated to the power collar and how it benefits your dog’s ability to learn what you are teaching.

Brad Smith

In his 20 years of K-9 handling and training, Brad Smith has developed a specialized course of instruction that introduces the use of a K-9 into the operations of a SWAT team. Basic tactics and movement with and without a SWAT team is Brad Smith’s specialty. In our seminar Brad Smith explains in intricate detail how to plan and execute fundamental training regimes to accomplish these goals. Brad also prepares you for that all to frequent involvement in civil court. Brads class sheds light on the civil process and takes you through a step by step program to protect yourself and your agency.

Dave Stambaugh

Massive, multi-agency manhunts are becoming so frequent one only has to pickup the morning newspaper to realize how close to home they really are. Many of us have been involved in such hectic and seemingly chaotic scenes with hundreds of officers coming together for a common objective. Without the proper management, scenes like these can become a tangled web of misdirection, duplication and frustration. Managing a command post on large scale operations is what Dave Stambaugh is best known for. Don’t wait until it’s too late to understand and realize the magnitude and seriousness of organizing and controlling your assets to make every second count and get every angle covered. Listen as Dave details the game plan for success in managing the command post during the crisis that could hit at a moments notice.

From the back yards to the back country, conducting an area search for fleeing suspects is a common occurrence with patrol service dog teams. Dave Stambaugh brings the K-9 search tactics and the police officer tactics together as one perfect package. Search faster, safer and more thoroughly with strategies specially designed to utilize your dog to his fullest potential. Hot spots and danger zones are waiting at every turn. Learn Dave Stambaugh’s area search tactics and how to make yourself less of a target.

Andy Weiman

Stock your arsenal with the latest weapons of defense. Defense attorney tactics, that is. Learn what it takes to build a “bullet proof” drug dog case. Andy Weiman is an expert witness and K-9 trainer that will lay out everything you need to know to protect your drug dog cases from attack by defense attorneys. K-9 recordkeeping and courtroom testimony are the foundational building blocks. Learn how to effectively maintain and utilize these tools in a courtroom setting. K-9 reliability is multifaceted. Learn how to prove your K-9’s reliability in the courtroom. Knowledge is power, take control by learning how to “bullet proof” your drug dog cases with Andy Weiman

Franco Angelini

The Art of Decoying. Ever wonder what you’re doing wrong in aggression work? Ever get frustrated, discouraged, or to the point of washing a dog from the program due to its apprehension problems? Maybe it’s not the dog’s fault, perhaps it’s not even a Handler issue, but the fault of poor decoy work. Franco Angelini has 25 years of law enforcement and K-9 experience behind him as he speaks with authority on the role of a police K-9 decoy. Explore the challenging techniques of decoying and the reasons why a good decoy can make all the difference in the world.