Recently completed my involvement in a long term international anti-terrorist project in which I acted as both a co-founder and director. As International Director of Canine Operations for this project my involvement consisted of instructing canine explosive detection classes of trainers for the Israeli Military, (the Oketz), Israel National and Border Police, and the training of teams and designing of a public security program in collaboration with the security facet of the Israeli Ministry of Transportation.

During this period training methodologies and deployments developed by myself were introduced and are now being utilized by these professional entities within Israel.

My role also required the creation of a viable large scale production training program which was then transitioned, as planned, to Israel where it now acts as an independent entity.

As a result of my participation in this project I am proud to say that among the valued and noteworthy tokens of recognition received I was recently presented by the Ambassador from Israel with a formal commendation from the nation of Israel for “…greatly enhancing the security effort…contributing to our fight against terrorism…”